Accepted Talks

  1. A Data Science Retrospective

    Sarah Guido

  1. A Monte Carlo Murder Mystery: A Holmes-Watson-PyMC3 adventure!

    Nitya Mandyam

  1. Acidic, basic or neutral - an evaluation of Pyodide for running your Jupyter Notebook in the browser

    Håkan Silfvernagel

  1. Build plugins using Pluggy


  1. Can we deploy yet?

    Anastasiia Tymoshchuk

  1. Combating Bias in Machine Learning

    Ayodele Odubela

  1. Converting Powershell to Python, an onboarding story

    Shamil Turner

  1. Cooking Up Easy to Publish Games with a Bear and a Briefcase

    Piper Thunstrom

  1. Dashing Through Databases

    Kamal Abdelrahman

  1. Datasette - an ecosystem of tools for working with Small Data

    Simon Willison

  1. Decorators Are Great! Act Now!!

    Andrew Knight

  1. Former Hacker Reviews Iconic Python/Rust Hacking Scenes From Movies & TV

    Marcus Willock

  1. Get paid to write Free software


  1. Getting Better Transcriptions (for Developers)

    Jay Miller

  1. Integrating Design and Development teams by implementing a Design System

    Mariana Bedran Lesche, Daniela Falcone

  1. Introduction to Metaclasses in Python

    Sanyam Khurana

  1. It's broken, now what? Debugging techniques for Docker packaging

    Itamar Turner-Trauring

  1. Oops! I Became an Open Source Maintainer! 😱


  1. Pandemic Python: Teaching and Coding in Place

    Lisa Tagliaferri

  1. PSA - Choose your words carefully

    Aaron Bassett

  1. PyBusters

    Aaron Bassett, Joe Drumgoole, Mark Smith

  1. Python for Skyscrapers - Building Blocks of Code

    Tadeh Hakopian

  1. Release the GIL! Parallel Geometric Constraint Solving with Cython

    Maryanne Wachter

  1. Scaled It! Three Contestants Attempt to Reduce Computational Time

    Kimberly Fessel

  1. Serverless Web Apps in Python

    Sanjay Siddhanti

  1. Technical Debt: Why it will ruin your software

    Luan Fonseca

  1. The Album Discoverer - An Album Recommendation System

    Angeline Protacio

  1. The Detective Has Arrived

    Hayley Denbraver

  1. The Entangled History of TV Technology and TV Diversity

    Jennifer Armstrong

  1. The Garden of Forking Paths

    Moshe Zadka

  1. Two is Better than One: A segment on ensembling models


  1. Visualization with seaborn

    Bruno Gonçalves

  1. Your Name Is Invalid!

    Miroslav Šedivý

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