Best Practices and Tools for Responsible AI

1:45pm - 2:15pm on Friday, October 2 in Online

Manojit Nandi


Over the past few years, many news stories have broken about the harmful impacts of Machine Learning and AI systems. Stories about sexist hiring algorithms and controversial facial recognition services have led to machine learning researchers and other technology leaders to focus on mitigating the harmful effects of AI. In this talk, I will provide attendees with an overview of Responsible AI, an interdisciplinary field that combines computer science, anthropology, ethics, law, and other disciplines to understand the impact technological systems have on society.

Many developers are interested in raising discussion about data ethics and responsible AI in their workplace, but they are unsure of how to start these discussions with their managers or co-workers. In this talk, I will cover a set of techniques, tools, and best practices developers can apply to their workflow to start important discussions about AI ethics in their workplace.

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